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Foot Reflexology Massage Newtown, Sydney

Foot Reflexology MassageWith our Thai Foot Reflexology massage Centre Sydney, you will experience the most relaxing experience. Our Foot reflexology massage therapists in Newtown will start with gentle massage along your feet and lower leg with our special oil blend with tiger balm to help improve blood circulation, follow with pressure point using fingertip and a wooden reflexology stick to massage and stimulate reflexology points.

Foot Reflexology Massage to Get Rid of Tiredness

Foot Reflexology Massage is not something that is new. Foot massages have been popular since time immemorial and they continue to do so. Your feet go through a lot of stress and a relaxing foot massage is the least that you can do for the pair.

We at Secret World Thai Massage and Aromatic Shop offer foot massages along with all sorts of other massages including manicure, pedicure services Newtown, Sydney. Call at 02 82832001 and make a booking today.

We promise after this massage your sore foot and tension will ease away.