Health Fund Rebate

Health Fund Rebate available for Remedial Massage. This remedial massage treatment is designed for people wanting more specific results. An assessment is carried out prior to the massage on the focus areas and your therapist will advise on a treatment plan along with expected results.
Health Fund Rebate at Secret World Thai Massage Therapy Newtown Sydney

Massage is a great way to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. It is a well-known therapy that makes use of physical pressure upon the body to release pain and tension. It is a popularly suggested remedy for various physical problems like fatigue and musculoskeletal pain. A regular Thai remedial massage in Newtown, Sydney can lead to improvement in flexibility, blood circulation and joint movement as well. We are providing a wonderful experience of Health Fund Rebate Thai Massage Newtown, Sydney.

Details about Health Fund Rebate for Secret World Thai Massage Newtown

You can also claim health fund rebate massage scheme, wherein a portion of the massage would be taken care of by your private health fund provider.

This is an efficient and quick way to grab savings on the massage expense. This is because Thai massage is considered an effective remedy by major health funds.
Depending upon the health fund provider, the rebates may vary from 30 to 90 percent of fees charged by us.
Though health fund rebate Thai massage offer is open for all, the calculation of the actual rebate amount might differ from one cover to another.
Several other factors like the time constraints (since how long your plan being activated) and annual limits may also affect your health fund rebate massage estimation.

We do not possess information regarding health fund rebate massage criteria followed by individual health fund providers. It is recommended that you consult your health fund provider directly prior to making bookings with us.

Blue Sky Healthfund Rebate

Price List

90 mins $149

60 mins $109

45 mins $99

30 mins $79

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Booking online have to give at least 24hours notification. Discount can't apply with Remedial Massage and Spa Packages. Change booking date and time may incur additional booking fee.

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