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A place where you can relax and rejuvenate your mind and body, from an organic body product for our treatment to the aromatic scent and the warm fluffy towels. You will love the relaxing, charming and cosy atmosphere one of the best Thai massage Newtown, Sydney and the genuine professionals massage services. At Secret World Thai Massage Newtown our friendly massage therapists will listen before recommended a treatment plan. We have male and female thai massage therapists available in our Luxury Thai Massage and Spa Parlour Newtown, Sydney.

Thai Massage and Spa Sydney

We keep our Thai Massage therapist team focused and motivated. A place where you can relax and rejuvenate your mind and body, we provide the best quality products for our body treatment and skin care service. We use sweet almond oil for thai massage treatment to make sure our client get the best benefit of it.

At Secret World Thai Massage, we believe in providing therapeutic massage from fully qualified therapists in a professional environment. We have a beautifully decorated thai spa which would appeal to your aesthetic senses along with ample parking space.

If you wish to pamper anyone special or simply want to give a unique gift, you can gift them a Thai massage and spa gift card. The gift card provides them with the facility to choose any service they like, which makes them a popular gifting option for many special occasions.

Massage can change your mood and body at any time of the day. Thai massages are extremely popular and one of the reasons why people keep visiting Thailand repeatedly. However, now with Secret World Thai Massage Centre and Aromatic Shop, you do not need to go to Thailand any more. The benefits of getting a Thai massage are many. It is ideal for people experiencing backaches or any other muscular pain. It improves blood flow and relaxes your muscles.

We have nice and Luxury clean massage room for couples or single. Relax and enjoy our homemade Thai organic tea after your massage treatment.

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Thai massage in an ancient healing method that makes use of assisted yoga postures, Ayurveda and the art of acupressure. It is often called as the Thai yoga massage in some countries. It helps in rejuvenating the body and restoring back its natural energy.

At Secret World Thai Massage, we follow a holistic Thai massage approach to help your body and mindfeel relaxed. We have a team of expert therapist that aid in determining the best treatment for the customers. You can choose anything from traditional Thai massage, Secret world signature oil Massage to Coffee and Sea Kelp Scrub Treatment at our popular Massage and Thai Spa in Sydney.

What is Thai Massage Like?

Unlike other massage treatments, Thai massage does not make use of oils. Hence, you would not have to take off your clothes. The massage expert would customise the massage experience depending upon your body needs. Suppose he finds presence of a knot in your muscles, he would treat that portion with accurate amount of pressure to relieve the discomfort. Don't worry Thai massage is not at all painful and would make your body smooth.

The Best Place for Thai Massage in Newtown, Sydney

Enjoy the blissful experience of this rejuvenating massage at our state of the art massage parlour in Newtown, Sydney. Book you appointment now!

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